Welcome again to our Indian Ocean Race Newsletter. Since the official boat launch back in August we have made a great deal of progress in our attempt to cross the Indian Ocean. We are delighted to announce our title sponsor MSSL.


Southampton Boat Show: 12th–21st September
Having the boat moored at the show was a great platform to raise awareness for our current sponsors and Orchid. We were able to use the event to meet other ocean rowers and potential sponsors. During the week we met some fantastic people who supported us with donations towards our solar panels. We raised £1,400 with help from our friends and family. The highlight was the final Saturday when the chaps we sail with came dressed in Hawaiian shirts¸ rustling up a constant crowd. Thanks for everyone's support during the show.


IMPA Exhibition: 17th September
Gulfhead & Moss, one of our silver sponsors invited us to the IMPA shipping exhibition in London where they were exhibiting. We used the day to support them and to meet others in the shipping industry. We spoke to Ricki Grigor from Merseyside Ship Stores about our race and a few weeks later they confirmed sponsorship. Since then MSSL have become our title sponsor. Over the last few weeks Mike Moss has sourced our complete kit list and we received our first delivery this week. As title sponsors MSSL will be able to name the team and will gain maximum brand exposure before, during and after the race.


Welcome to our title sponsor MSSL

We are delighted to welcome our title sponsor, MSSL, and are looking forward to working closely with them.

"As one of the leading suppliers to the UK and global marine market, MSSL provide the expertise and knowledge to deliver the most comprehensive range of services and goods to all our customers around the world."
More Sponsors jump on board and support our World record attempt 
The UKSA is a registered charity and non-profit making organisation aiming to inspire people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of yachting and watersports and in doing so provide education and training that promotes safety and open access to maritime activities. They have kindly sponsored us with all of our training courses that begin in December.  
Fleetwater marine have provided their SeaPack for use during our race. It is the world's first osmotic seawater desalination kit.  Intended for emergency use, the SeaPack desalination kit produces a life-saving drink directly from seawater. 
Fundraising update 

28 September – Berlin Marathon
After driving to Berlin; Mark Cawthorne, Chris Law, Tom Watts and Guy stormed through the streets, all of us managed personal bests. It was a fantastic event and helped to raise awareness for our race and for Orchid.

Mark also raised money for Orchid by holding a rowing competition at his local gym in Worcester and wrote a training blog prior to the marathon.


We are working with Orchid, the only UK registered charity that focuses entirely on the male-specific cancers - prostate, penile and testicular. They fund medical research and promote awareness about these cancers. Once we have covered all of our costs we will use all additional funds to support Orchid.

Before this time we will help to promote awareness of the male cancers. This is crucial in helping to recognise signs of the cancers, a simple self check can identify early signs of testicular cancer which, if caught early is 98% treatable.

To find out more about Orchid’s work and information on male cancers please visit:


24th October – Poker Night
Thanks to all the guys who came to our official poker night. After a long battle of attrition Neil Tutton finally walked away with the winning pot during the early hours of Saturday morning

Remember to visit www.indianoceanrace.com and track our progress online.

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